• Surrounding Attractions

Sea Aquarium Beach

Located within two minutes walking distance of the hotel you will find the beautiful Sea Aquarium Beach, which is the longest beach on the Island. It is perfectly suitable for beach walks or discovering the many shops and restaurants offered.

The walking path along the beach is fully wheelchair accessible and the hotel’s beach wheelchair provides the possibility for wheelchair users to access the beach as well as the ocean. A variety of bars and restaurants offer unique settings to enjoy a Caribbean cocktail in a lounge setting at the beach or watch a beautiful sunset while enjoying dinner. Diving-, snorkeling- and water sport facilities located at the beach offer the possibility to discover Curacao’s beauty on/ under the water.

Sea Aquarium Park

Guests of Dolphin Suites enjoy free entrance to the Sea Aquarium Park. The park offers a unique combination of observation, information, education and interaction.

During the day the park offers different feeding shows in which visitors can interact with- and learn about the animals. Sit back and amaze yourself at training demonstration shows with the sea lions and dolphins. Enjoy a wonderful lunch while overlooking the dolphin lagoon at the Sea Aquarium Terrace.

Dolphin Academy

Enjoy a unique experience with the dolphins and let the intimate and informative programs reveal the mammal behind the myth in a fun informational, responsible and educational way.

Make a reservation at the Dolphin Academy and get the chance to swim with these amazing animals.

Please visit the website for more information: www.curacao-sea-aquarium.com.


Dive into the exhilarating depths of the uncharted Caribbean ocean with Substation Curaçao. Enjoy the safest, most unique underwater expedition of your life in a specially designed 5-person submarine, equipped with the latest technology and highest safety standards. This experience of a lifetime is accessible without any necessary training or getting wet!

Substation Curaçao passengers get an unparalleled opportunity to view Curacao’s incredible sea life at depths beyond where shallow tourist subs or deep-technical scuba divers go.
Driven by the urge to discover the sea and its treasures, experts of Nuytco Research from Canada and Substation Curaçao developed a submarine that sets tourists and marine scientists off on adventures at 1.000 feet under the surface. On this depth passengers can enjoy our unique deepwater fish and a wealth of undiscovered biological treasures.

Substation Curaçao offers different programs such as a Standard or Deep sub dive. All programs include an engraved USB stick with all your pictures plus a Free T-shirt. For more information you can contact us www.substation-curacao.com.


With over 65 dive sites rich in colorful marine life, caves, wrecks and challenging drop-offs, the island is one of the Caribbean’s top destinations for divers. Two dive centers are located within walking distance from the hotel.

Join us into the unexpected and glide through this aquatic world of wonders. You will realize, that life is beautiful and diving is absolutely great! We are specialized in courses for diving and snorkeling for persons with a disability. We’re affiliated with the IAHD International Association of Handicapped Divers. We provide PADI, WOSD and IAHD courses – from open water to dive master. Beside those programs we also offer activities especially for non certified and certified divers. www.curious2dive.com.

Ocean Encounter is certified on a Five Star IDC PADI level and offers diving and snorkeling trips to a variety of reefs and wrecks located no more than 25 minutes from shore by boat. Please visit the website for more information: www.oceanencounters.com.


Boat trips are one of the best ways to explore the Caribbean.
The nearest harbor is located at the Sea Aquarium where the boat “The Pelican” departs for trips along the coastline of Curacao. They offer a variety of trips ranging from discovering the east or the south coast by day or sunset or special theme cruises. The boat is accessible for wheelchair users.

For more information please visit following website: http://www.pelicanboattrips.com/?l=en