• Brucker Biofeedback Center (BBFC)
  • Brucker Biofeedback Center (BBFC)

Brucker Biofeedback Center (BBFC)

Dolphin Suites give home to the first Brucker Biofeedback Center (BBFC) in the Caribbean region. At the BBFC in Curacao highly trained therapists work with tailor made treatment plans according to the Brucker Biofeedback Method (BBFM) to meet our patients’ personal goals, while hotel staff cater expertly to the needs of our physically challenged patients and their families.

Our therapy center is set in a modern, attractive and light surrounding, creating a professional but personalized setting for our innovative and intensive treatment. Using state of the art medical equipment and the most advanced software technology we provide our patients with a supportive and stimulating environment and the best possible care.

The BBFM is a technique that measures the signal sent between the brain and the body. With the usage of electrodes it is possible to make subtle muscle movements visual or audible for the patient. This helps the patient to optimize and strengthen their body movements.

During the therapy sessions you work on gaining or improving control over your muscles. This is done by making you conscious of the connection between brains and muscles with the use of modern technique. BBFM is a unique form of Rehabilitation Successful results can be achieved with children and adult with various medical (neurological) backgrounds such as brain damage or damage to the central nerve system. We name a few diagnoses of patients that we work with; cerebral palsy, stroke, brain injury, ataxie, spinal cord injury, facial palsy, multiple sclerosis, spinal stenosis.

The BBFC is practically located next to the lobby of Dolphin Suites. The reception staff and the therapists are always available to provide you with more information about the therapy or to schedule an appointment. A free session is available upon request to eligible guests.

Alton Paas Project
In April 2015 the Brucker Biofeedback Center on Curacao offered their treatment as part of a six months local Pilot Project Intensive exercise-based therapy in Curacao. The Pilot Project has been initiated by the local foundation Alton Paas with the goal to find new paths in the Rehabilitation process for people with a spinal cord injury at Curacao. An extensive report about the experience of the patients with the BBFM during this Pilot Project has been published. The report can be download here.

Important announcement:

BBFM in the Netherlands

Since November 2015 the Brucker Biofeedback Method (BBFM) is offered in the Netherlands. The BBFM is offered in the therapy center of De Roode Draak in Biddinghuizen (Flevoland). At this therapy center the BBFM therapy is a supplementary component of multiple therapies, offered at one location but can also be followed as individual therapy by adults and children.

For more information of reservations for BBFm in The Netherlands please contact our representative Monique te Boekhorst through E: info@bruckerbiofeedback.com or T:+31 6 12863361. www.bruckerbiofeedback.com

Therapiecentrum De Roode Draak
Ellerweg 22
8256 RT Biddinghuizen

BBFM in Germany

For BBFM in Germany you can contact Mr. Ralf Nickel via https://www.schoen-kliniken.com/ptp/kkh/okm/faz/kinderorthopaedie/team/personal/01718/

Please visit the website for more information: www.bruckerbiofeedbackcuracao.net

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