Internship position BBFM 2017-2018

Company Brucker Biofeedback Center Curacao
Short company description The Brucker Biofeedback Center on Curacao exists for more than 9 years now and is specialised in treating patients with (mainly) neurological problems such as: Cerebral palsy, brain damages, stroke patients, SCI, just to name a few. We are working with a modified EMG- computer which provides the necessary feedback for the patient in order to learn how to control their muscles again, to gain more control over certain movements. We welcome around 200 patients and their families from around the world each year from the age of 6 up to 80 years.

Contact person department: Alette Borger General Manager
Contact person position: Bibi Brugman BBFM Therapist
Adress Dolphin Suites
Bapor Kibra z/n Zip code / Place Bapor Kibra z/n
Telephone number +5999 4652700
Fax +5999 465 2701
E-mail address

Internship period directly available for 12-20 weeks

3rd - years Higher professional education (HBO) Preferably physical therapists, sport education occupational therapists (preferably experienced in working with kids/individuals with special needs), but also marketing related education is suitable.

Department Brucker Biofeedback Center Curacao & Hotel
Operations Facility MNG & Front Office - Dolphin Suites Hotel
Daily tasks intern - Assisting the therapist with the therapy

- Work at the specially designed computer software for the BBFM
- File work, such as creating patient files, maintaining them, keeping files up-to-date and structured
- Helping the therapist with the daily business, such as: working with social media, coordinate schedules, data analyses etc.
- Assisting the therapist and GM with tasks in Marketing & Sales
- Help to set up a study about BBFM
- Assisting in the Hotel Operations (in case there is time, depending on the work pressure at BBFM Curacao)
- Any other additional requested from the therapist or GM
Internship assignments (if applicable) - Implement a research on results and design a database to registrar data of patients and achieved results.

Position Profile The intern/ student receives the possibility to fulfill a fulltime position as an assistant of the head therapist. This position will require a certain level of independence and will ask the student to take daily responsibilities that will offer the student a great opportunity for personal development in the work field. It also requires a sufficient level of below skills.

- Good school degrees
- Enjoys a living on his/her own or has travel experience on his/her own (without parents or care takers)
- Performance-oriented
- Team player
- Critical
- Friendly / professional service-oriented
- Stress resistant
- Communicative strong
- Display own initiatives
- Enthusiastic and motivated
- Flexible
- Great sense of responsibility
Driving license Required
Computer skills Microsoft word/Excel, Outlook
Language skills Dutch, English,German (French and Spanish)


Compensation Nafl. 400,- per month (± € 213,-)

Other information

Specialties This internship will offer the student a great experience in the unique therapy set up around the Brucker Biofeedback Method. The cooperation with the Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center, will give
the intern/ student the possibility to gain experience within the Curacao Dolphin Therapy Center as well.