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Curacao Sea Aquarium

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The Curacao Sea Aquarium is one of the most unique aquaria in the world. From the very beginning of the aquarium in 1984, the Sea Aquarium managed to create natural habitats for all its marine creatures without using any sophisticated technical equipment. Everything in the aquaria, from the fish and corals to the sand on the bottom of the tanks, originates from the seas surrounding the island of curacao.
The Sea Aquarium operates according to the principle that all the dolphins, sea lions, sharks, rays and turtles need to be kept in circumstances that as much as possible mimic their natural living environment. Due to an open-water system the aquarium is in the position to realize this mission. All the aquaria are in immediate contact with the open sea. Openings in the roof allow natural sunlight to fall directly on the aquaria; there is no need to use artificial light. The pump system pumps fresh seawater continuously in all the aquaria. The only objects that separate the aquaria from the open ocean are breakwaters built out of big rock boulders and a minimum of fences, allowing fresh seawater to freely flow through all the lagoons. The aquarium offers a unique combination of observation, information, education and interaction. Guests of Dolphin Suites enjoy free entrance to the Sea Aquarium.

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Dolphin Show:
The dolphins and their trainers give an amazing show where you can observe and learn all about their special tricks and behavior. At the end of the show you can have your picture taken while getting a kiss from the dolphin.

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Sealion Show:
Watch the sealion show and be amazed by the smart behavioral qualities these animals have. It is a fun and exciting show where our professional marine trainers teach you everything there is to know about these beautiful creatures.

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Nurse Shark Action Show:
Feed and pet the nurse sharks. Don't worry there will be supervision of one of our tour guides.

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Aquarium Tour:
Follow the tour guide and learn all about the life in the aquaria. They know everything and they can tell you the answer to all of your questions.

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Flamingos and Friends:
Feed and pet our flamingos and pelican “Pela” at specific times during the day.

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Stingray Encounter:
Feed and pet our stingrays under supervision of our tour guide.

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Under Water Observatory Boat (Boebi):
In this semi-submarine you can see the sharks, turtles, stingrays and many more fish in their underwater environment and you can do all this without getting wet.

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Touch Tanks:
The touch tanks are shallow basins with shellfish, sea stars, sea cucumbers and other beautiful sea creatures. The touch tanks will be opened for interaction several times a day.

For more information about the Sea aquarium and all activities click here.

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Dolphin Suites is the first hotel in the Dutch Caribbean that is specifically designed to accommodate every type of guest, especially guests with special needs. It offers you a wide range of accommodations and facilities, including our therapy treatments and free access to the Curacao Sea Aquarium. Unwind yourself in this small-scale hotel, in its appearance as beautiful as Miami’s Design and Boutique Hotels. Yet at the same time wheelchair accessible in combination with a tastefully created pool and one of the most beautiful beaches of Curacao at your doorstep. Feel welcome and at home in Dolphin Suites Curacao.