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Dolphin Academy

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Dolphin academy offers people the possibility to swim in the natural dolphin lagoon with the dolphins. The animals will join and allow people to gentle pet and interact with them. There is the possibility to experience the dolphins in their real natural environment and be able to interact with them by joining them in the water. It’s the academy’s mission to present the truth about dolpins despite their popular and sometimes mythological image. They do this by providing an educational venue with different kind of programs. Through this venue visitors may observe and interact with trained bottlenose dolphins in both spacious enclosures and the open sea.

  • Dolphin academy

Dolphin Encounter:
Standing in waist deep water the dolphin allows you to gently pet, touch or kiss him or her. You will be accompanied by a trainer that teaches you all about the dolphins behavior and body.

  • dolphin academy

Dolphin Swim:
A unique intimate exprience where you are able to swim with a dolphin. As you swim, the dolphins will join and allow gentle petting and interaction. You will also learn how to give to which they will sing, spin and wave.

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Dolphin Free Dive:
Dive into the waters of the lagoon and submerge yourself in the world of dolphins. The dolphins will dive alongside, allowing you to interact with them under the water.

  • dolphin academy

Dolphin Scuba Encounter:
Scuba dive in groups of four to the bottom end of the lagoon where you see the dolphins in their natural environment. The dolphin joins you and gives you the perfect chance to observe, interact and touch them.

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Open Water Dive:
Meet the dolphins outside their lagoons in the open water. While you study their behavior and body you are surrounded by a beautiful and colorful coral reef.

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