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Substation Curacao

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Substation Curacao is the perfect way to explore the world of the underwaterlife. The substation is the world’s most spectacular certified submarine for tourists and researchers. It is now possible to reach depths over 1000 feet. A depth no diver could ever reach. Everyday the Curasub descends four times from Bapor Kibra to the deepest end of the Carribean blue ocean. The colorful fish, corals and old shipwrecks are perfectly visible in the crystal clear waters surrounding the island. From inside the Curasub passengers have a visibility of over 60 feet (30 metres).

Unlike SCUBA-diving there are no effects on pressure change on the body during the dive. This means that all people are allowed to go into the submarine. For people with a weelchair, earproblems, cardiac disease, lung problems etc. it is now possible to experience the same adventure as divers already experience for many years. 

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