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Meet our staff

Alette - General manager


Jettie (Asisstent manager)

I have been working for Dolphin Suites for 3 years now and I am very thankful working at this small-scale boutique hotel. I love the unique ‘Home-away-from-home’ concept where we care for our guest’s well-being. It’s an honor to make accessible travel to Curacao possible for many people. Life’s good on this beautiful island! The daily sunshine is a great gift and the outdoor living makes me happy every day! I like to be accessible to every type of guest & provide personal service.


Tamara (Front office agent and Reservations)

Languages: Dutch, English and German

Besides working at the Front desk, I also take care of the reservations. In the morning you can often find me at the reception, afterwards I go to the back office to answer all the questions we receive by email. Dolphin Suites is a cozy hotel where guests have a home-away-from-home feeling and know each other by name. The combination of the hotel with the therapy at the Dolphin therapy center, makes the concept unique.


Martine (Front office agent)

Languages: Dutch, English, German and French.

Since February 2019 am I resident at the beautiful Island Curacao. I like my job because it is not a big resort or hotel like the most accommodations on this Island. Dolphin Suites is a smaller hotel and for that reason you get to know you guests more than normally. It inspires me to see guests enjoy their vacation of therapy procedure at Curacao. I like seeing that Dolphin Suites hotel is visited by guests with different cultures. What I like more, is humor and have a laugh with the guests. I do think that it is important to let our guests feel that nothing is asked to much.


Sam (Trainee Back Office)

Languages: German, English, Dutch, Spanish.
"From the" Tourism Management "course I do an internship of 5 months in the back and front office at Dolphin Suites. Dolphin Suites is a very inspiring hotel with a special target group. I participate in the company and do research for Dolphin Suites. I like having contact with people during work and I do my best to make everyone happy. "


Myrthe (Trainee Front Office)

Languages: Dutch, English, German.
"From my studies I do an internship at Dolphin Suites for 5 months. I do an internship at the Front Office, I want to make sure that all our guests have a pleasant stay and that they feel at home at Dolphin Suites. Dealing with guests inspires me to work for Dolphin Suites. I often chat with guests or inform them about the activities on Curacao. '


Anouska (Administrative officer)

Languages: Dutch, English, Papiamento and Spanish

Previously I worked at the CDTC office, but in March 2019 I was transferred to Dolphin Suites. I still do the same work as I did before, also for the same companies, just at another office. I also like and try to help my colleagues at the front desk when it is busy around there. Working at Dolphin Suites inspires me because it is a small-scale hotel which concentrates on care tourism.


Sharidee (Housekeeping employee)

Languages: Dutch, German, English, Papiamento and Spanish

I work 4 years for Dolphin Suites and still I like my job and try my utter best to provide the best service with a smile on my face. Dolphin Suites hotel has many repeaters, what I like because many guests recognize me. Dolphin Suites receive many families with children, and I love to work with children and to entertain them a little bit.


Jasmin (Housekeeping employee)

Languages: Dutch, German, English, Papiamento and Spanish

10 years I already work for Dolphin Suites and still I work with lots of pleasure. I love my job and have a lot of sweet colleagues I like to work with. In my opinion, it is important to provide the best service to our guests. I try to deliver my contribution as good as possible. How do I do that? By doing my work as I am supposed to do it with a little bit extra attention for our guests.


Lilian (Housekeeping employee)

Languages: Dutch, English, Papiamento and Spanish

Working at Dolphin Suites is very nice and fun. I am surrounded with lovely colleagues and there is a very nice vibe. The guests in our hotel are always very nice and pleasant, they are always in for a nice conversation. Meanwhile, I work almost one year for Dolphin Suites now and I know now, that I found my place here.


Melanie (Housekeeping employee)

Languages: Dutch, English, Papiamento and Spanish

I started working for Dolphin Suites is December 2018 and since that time, I am a part of their housekeeping team. Working in a hotel always seems to look fun to me and now I know it is. Dolphin Suites is a special hotel and not like the other hotels on Curacao. Why? Because of the target groups, the cozy vibe and the personal service we are able to offer. I do love to help people and that is what I do during my work time.


Marlon (Maintenance Coordinator)

'Before I started working at the Dolphin Suites hotel, I have worked in various hotels. Dolphin Suites is a different hotel than most accommodations on the island, this was a challenge for me. In the meantime I have been working as a technical coordinator within the maintenance of the hotel for 8 years. I always try to be hospitable and show that I love my job.'


Shuremi (House Man)

'About 5 years ago I started working at Dolphin Suites, now 5 years later I still enjoy going to work every day. I do everything that has to do with the maintenance of the hotel, this to ensure that every guest enjoys a carefree stay. I also cheer up the front office so that they stand behind the counter with a smile every day. '