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Best Rate Guaranteed

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Best Rate Guaranteed
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We think green!

Our close cooperation with the companies in Sea Aquarium Park, amongst which their animals, and our special target group requires a secure and sustainable organization. In order to create the healthiest possible environment for our guest we clean our accommodation with organic cleaning products, we provide natural body care amenities and make sure the pool includes a lower, yet accountable chlorine percentage in combination with salt.

We realize that energy and water resources are not inexhaustible, so we handle them with caution. We use solar boilers, LED lighting, water-saving showers and water-saving taps. We are also committed to separating and recycling waste on the island. Although local facilities are still limited in this area, we carry out our waste partially separately, in cooperation with Green Force. Some examples of our sustainable policy that is continuously being developed.

We thank our visitors for believing in us and supporting our mission.