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Why is Dolphin Suites a unique concept?

Dolphin Suites is – still - the only fully wheelchair accessible hotel in the Caribbean. Although the hotel is also visited by guests without a disability, our professional team specializes in providing tailor-made services for guests with special needs.

The establishment of the hotel was supported by the PSNA program, also known as the Netherlands Antilles Cooperation Project. This program originates from the Netherlands and is based on the principles of collaboration. The project is established by the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to stimulate innovative business projects.

Dolphin Suites is a valuable addition to the hospitality sector in Curacao. We actively work for a more accessible Curacao. We’ve teamed up with several partners - such as local stakeholders in transport, tours, suppliers of medical aid products and healthcare - with the aim to make the island more accessible to tourists who needs a little more help. From the beginning, everyone at Dolphin Suites is actively working to attract a new niche market to Curacao, with the focus on wheelchair accessible travel.

In 2013, Dolphin Suites was recognized as an accessible boutique hotel by the IAHD, the International Association of Handicap Divers. Several associations now register with us to work together. We strongly believe that Dolphin Suites makes a positive contribution to the positioning of Curacao as a destination for accessible trips.